Desert Community College District
Board of Trustees Meeting
March 15, 2019
CODAA Report

While we celebrate our many and significant accomplishments achieved over the past several years, it must be recognized that in the area of contract negotiations, this district has been a miserable failure. This is not just a problem for CODAA. All three bargaining units have experienced problems and delays that should not be tolerated. We stand united with CODFA and CSEA in protesting this troublesome pattern.

I remind you that we are still bargaining retroactively. The district’s last proposal for a pay increase would not even cover the cost of living allowance. Furthermore, it would increase the parity gap, not narrow it. This is insulting to a contingent that is not only the largest bargaining unit in the district, but that teaches the most course sections and students.

I have provided you with a spreadsheet that compares parity rates among fifteen districts comparable to us in size and geographic region. As you can see, we rank dead last in parity with full-time faculty at just 58%. We are moving backward! Other districts have managed to make significant progress on closing the gap. If they can, why can’t we, the fastest growing community college district in the state? What are they doing right? What are we doing wrong?

Finally, I resent being reprimanded, in a negotiations meeting, by the Interim Vice President Jeff Baker for complaining to this board about the delays in our negotiations that were caused by the district. If you review my reports to you over the past years, you will see that I have repeatedly called to your attention that the district has held up negotiations, not CODAA. Nothing I have ever said to you was untrue.

It is my right and my responsibility to update you on the status of negotiations so that you are not getting one-sided, district-slanted information that does not tell the whole story. And it is not Mr. Baker’s fault that negotiations have not moved quickly. He is not the decision-maker. The responsibility lies with President Kinnamon who hides behind is vice presidents in all negotiations in order to avoid being the bad guy. It’s time for him to move this process along. And remember that he reports to you, not vice versa. So you also have the responsibility to hold him accountable. Please do your jobs, and solve this problem.