College of the Desert Adjunct Association (CODAA) is protesting unfair wages and benefits. Adjuncts are part-time faculty who perform the same work as full-time faculty yet only receive a little more than half the pay per hour taught in the classroom. College of the Desert is growing and prospering, on the backs of the underpaid adjuncts. This is unethical and shameful.


  • Adjuncts are the largest faculty group on campus and teach approximately 63% of the students.
  • Adjuncts receive only 58% parity (equivalent pay rates for part-time compared to full-time), the lowest of any other regional colleges in the southern California region who range between 61% and 92%. (See back)
  • Adjuncts are currently working without a raise that should have been negotiated last year.
  • Adjuncts’ qualifications match or exceed those of full-time faculty.
  • Adjuncts receive no health care benefits though it is provided for all full-time COD employees including the Board of Trustees.
  • Adjuncts have no job security due to rehiring insecurity.
  •  Adjuncts have no protection against ongoing retaliation.
  • According to a recent survey, many adjuncts do not make a living wage and are forced to rely upon unemployment insurance and non-profits to help them make ends meet.
  • For the past two years, COD has been the fastest growing community college in California. As a result, the college received additional funding which it chose to spend on excessive salaries for administrators and consultants.
  • Salary negotiations are now one year behind and regressing, with the latest offer creating an even larger wage gap than the previous one.
  • Adjuncts are asking for FAIRNESS, RESPECT, and PARITY…