Desert Community College District
Board of Trustees Meeting
April 10, 2019
CODAA Report

Adjuncts continue to make valuable contributions to student achievement as we teach over 2400 hours each week throughout the District’s 5 sites. Adjuncts are happy to be the prime movers behind the COD radio station, the theater programs, numerous recruiting venues both on campus and at the local high schools, and student programs that we hope with be resurrected, like the student kiosks. Here are some of the highlights of recent Adjunct achievements:
Linda Silva, Adjunct in the History Department, has her 35th novel coming out this year. She is a five-time award-winning author of six series and will be presenting at the famed Hugo Awards in Ireland this August.
Adjunct Arianne Schulz was invited to present her work with 3D-Printing hominins and human remains, and effects on student learning at the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges’ national conference in Denver next week.
Adjunct Shea New was featured in the March 26 issue of Dance Magazine for her work as artistic director of the McCallum Theatre’s Palm Desert Choreography Festival. Working with the McCallum’s director of education and festival producer, the festival nurtures choreographers, highlights high-quality work, powerfully engages the local community and cultivates an audience base for dance in the Coachella Valley.
Jim Leckliter, Adjunct in Nursing and Board Certified to be an instructor for the CNA, LVN and RN programs, recently completed his Masters of Science degree in Nursing Education from the University of Phoenix with honors (member of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honors Society).

Roy Short, Adjunct in Plant Science, gave a three-hour lecture in February to the Master Gardner Program at UC Riverside, Palm Desert. The program is for individuals in the community that can be called on to answer calls that come into the University Extension Office concerning problems or questions related to Plant Science. His lecture was concerning different methods of plant propagation.

Jessica Manuel, Adjunct in English, is finishing up her first year as a Ph.D. student at Clemson University in their Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design program. She was invited to speak at Clemson University’s Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design Research Forum about incorporating creativity in her composition classroom. She will also be speaking at the Computers and Writing Conference in June at Michigan State University on using Adobe products to enhance creativity in her composition classroom.

Dan Cooper, Adjunct in Hospitality, is taking the Association of College and University Educators’ professional development program on Effective Teaching Practices. It is a two-semester program and concludes on May 16th with a pinning ceremony. While COD pays for the cost of the program, the participants attend on their own time without compensation.

On March 13th the Culinary Arts Department held it’s first ever Culinary Art Salon, where our students turned edible food products into works of art. They were on display in the Art Department lobby. Over 50 students participated with prizes of ribbons, medals, cookbooks and monetary gifts awarded to the winners. The salon was spearheaded and chaired by Gordon Poster, an Adjunct in the Culinary Arts Department.

Levi Miller, adjunct in Administration of Justice, submitted an online course created in Canvas to the California Community Colleges’ Online Education Initiative (CCC-OEI). And on April 3, “Introduction to Criminal Justice Online” was approved for the California Virtual Campus (CVC) Course Exchange.
The California Virtual Campus – Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI) is a collaborative effort among California Community Colleges (CCCs) to ensure that significantly more students are able to complete their educational goals by increasing both access to and success in high-quality online courses. This will not only benefit our Administration of Justice program, but also our distance education program at COD in general. Levi devoted many hours to this valuable process without any compensation from the college.

History Adjunct Thomas Yanni was selected as a grant reviewer for the California Arts Council’s Youth Art Action program and will travel to Sacramento during Spring Break to make funding recommendations.
Ray Ewing, Adjunct in Digital Photography, was recently in a show at Ohio State University’s Pearl Conrad Art Gallery entitled “Lifted.” He is also going to be in two upcoming shows in Rome entitled “Environment Documenta” (April 4-May1st) and “Stranger Than Fiction” (May 2nd-June 6th). He will be having a solo show/book talk on Martha’s Vineyard at The Chilmark Public Library opening June 3rd entitled “The Ancient World in America.” Earlier this spring he photographed an article for The Wall Street Journal previewing this year’s Desert X art project. Lastly, some photographs of his originally taken in Thousand Palms and Thermal for The Wall Street Journal will be published in October in a forthcoming book entitled “100 Dream Cars.”
History Department Adjunct Michael Aguirre is completing his Ph.D. in history at the University of Washington in Seattle. He’s scheduled to defend his dissertation this May. And he has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship through the Inequality in America Initiative at Harvard University that is a two-year research and writing position.

Sheila McKnight, Adjunct in Sociology, is currently co-authoring a family sci-fi film script that uses the parable to encourage critical thought about the family separation policy, as well as performing voiceover work for marketing companies.