Following are selected comments from adjuncts in response to the district’s proposal of May 24, 2019, offering a flat pay rate for all, and a lower rate for office hours, flex, and committee attendance:

What a slap in the face with a wet, slimy fish!! I am totally outraged, and there is NO way that I would support this!

The offer seems like a deliberate provocation, an insult at best.  It may be time for an organized “sick out.”

This is terrible!  “Best?”  This is their worst offer!  Just say “no” to this “divide and conquer” plan.

I have to admit, the district is more clever than I thought, even if their plan seems transparent, at least to me.

I find it shocking, insulting, and degrading to our integrity as professional educators.

This does seem rather odd. I do teach at many other institutions, as I’m sure so many other faculty at COD do… I’ve truly never understood why there is no sliding scale based on post-BA/BS credit work, so this one price fits all seems a little too simplified. Granted this would benefit me, but then again it doesn’t help to build morale or a reason to continue teaching at COD without any pay increases due to the cost of living and/or education level.

I am going on my fourth year here at COD as an adjunct. I have received little in terms of pay raises, maybe a dollar an hour. As an adjunct, we are at-will employees and have little or no leverage in negotiations. Since COD has separate faculty unions for full-time and part-time, it allows the district to treat the part-time union this way.

As a young (in teaching career) adjunct I can see an immediate benefit for myself if this goes through.  However, this proposal does not provide any incentive for me to work towards a higher degree, as well as being totally unfair to those with seniority in the system. I think we should all vote NO to this agreement. Not only are they running an institution totally dependent on the adjuncts but with this approach to pay for the enormous work we do to keep the wheels spinning is nothing but rude.  They are offering us nothing for creating successful students. VOTE NOOOOO to this. Let’s start the fight together.

I believe this is unfair and certainly not putting students first. If you put students first, then we would have a competitive pay structure.  This approach to adjuncts will not draw the best talent to our pool, will not incentivize anyone to acquire additional training and will demoralize many adjuncts just on the unfairness of this proposal. If the administration believes this to be the correct approach, then let them apply this approach to themselves as well. If this is the final offer, then we should collaborate with the other unions and begin the process of a no-confidence vote.

I believe this is the administration’s strategy of divide and conquer us as a group and also to divide the union groups, which in the end will weaken all of us.

These are my thoughts, and I will be voting no and encourage all adjuncts to vote no.

Although, I would benefit. I don’t believe this seems like a fair pay structure for the group. I would vote NO

As an adjunct, I would have a drastic pay raise, which would benefit me, but it’s not all about me. We all know that we work more hours than we get paid for, so the suggested raise isn’t really dollar-for-dollar. I do feel that I am underpaid when compared to industry standards, but It does not seem fair for those that are already making more to have to take a pay cut for my benefit.  You would think that the college would make an effort to support its staff in an equitable way for all, but the overall package appears to have many one-sided flaws– a crude and inequitable process for setting salary rates, no cost of living adjustments, future pay concerns, and no reward for improved credentials. Shame on them.

My initial reaction was: no. Then I took some time and read all provided information carefully, thought about the short and long term implications, considered my own personal gain/loss and the potential gain/loss of others not in my position, and adjusted my position. My position is now: Hell No.

I am a loss for words right now, I vote no

Definite no. My Dean was surprised that my pay rate at other colleges was $20-30/ hour higher, so I think we need to stand firm, and also stress the low pay in this district compared to other colleges.

Regretfully, this proposal is an insult. Even at a low level, the PhD “bump” is a relatively standard practice, designed to attract our best and brightest to where they are most needed. The provisions are based on the (rather cynical) hope that the greed of the people on the bottom can destabilize the negotiating power of the people who have been here the longest.

This sure sounds like retaliation against David and the adjunct collective for speaking up at recent meetings. And what was or is the average income of each board member?

After 30 years as a devoted instructor, they have the nerve to play around with my income? Really?

Well, I will begin my own retaliation with an attempt to enlist every one of my 5,000 + former students to come in support of the adjunct who believed in them in every classroom and every course.

You will NOT take away my future when the college and communities have used adjunct numbers to brag about the College’s enrollment success.   Consequently, the college will, therefore, be responsible for my rent, my food bill, my transportation needed to go between campuses, etc.

I WILL NOT walk into my bank to discuss foreclosure, but I will pitch a tent on the lawn of anyone who takes my life away.

NO is the only answer.

A NO vote is the only sensible thing here.  What they are proposing provides no incentive to achieve a higher degree when the college (at least in nursing) requires a Master’s or Higher to lecture.  We are the backbone of this educational institution and desert to be recognized and compensated as such.  Vote NO and let’s picket and strike!  Fixed rates benefit no one but those in administration to get bonuses and pad their bank accounts.  I personally would benefit from this proposal but as a Union, we need to be unified in solidarity and not just think of ourselves, but for our teaching peers as well.  VOTE NO