Desert Community College District
Board of Trustees Meeting
August 16, 2019
CODAA Report

CODAA will again be offering a full day of flex activities for adjuncts covering shared
governance and committee participation, contract obligations and responsibilities, writing
self-evaluations, and adjunct essentials. You are invited to join us for any portion of the day
in MSTC 250.

As you know, CODAA has been in negotiations with the district for a full year over
compensation for the academic year just ended. The process has been difficult due to the
changes in direction that the district has chosen to take, causing a lot of work and delays for
all parties involved.

Now we are pleased to see that the district has returned to proposing pay rates on a schedule
that recognizes years of service to the district and levels of education. We also appreciate
the proposed pay increases that are more realistic than those proposed in the past. And we
are compromising on the lowering of pay rates for activities like flex pay and committee

A few outstanding issues remain to be resolved, especially a definition of “parity,” which
has plagued negotiations for years. Until a definition is accepted by both parties, this will
continue to be a sticking point in all future negotiations.
We have another session scheduled in three weeks in which we hope to come to an agreement
on the outstanding issues, and finally bring this process to an end.