Desert Community College District
Board of Trustees Meeting
December 19, 2019
CODAA Report

Happy holidays to everyone, and have a pleasant winter break with your families and friends.

We understand that Family Night was a huge success and wish to congratulate everyone who was involved in the planning and execution of that important event.

Last week I had the pleasure of awarding the Judith Mandel Award to Alma Gloria in the Payroll Department. This award is presented to a member of the COD community who has been especially supportive of adjuncts. While every member of the Payroll Department is very helpful, Alma goes above and beyond by answering adjuncts’ questions and resolving payroll issues with grace and patience, and she is very helpful and support of the many issues arising from union dues payroll deductions. Alma also attends our Flex sessions to proactively provide information and answer questions about pay procedures and pay stub interpretation. For those of you who are relatively new to the district, the award is named for Judith Mandel, CODAA’s founder and first president.

On your agenda today are several collective bargaining agreement articles for sunshining. Please be aware that these articles are for the current academic year, which is now already half over. We hope that negotiations on these items can begin as soon as the spring semester begins. Otherwise, we will continue in this cycle of retroactive bargaining that results in delays, problems, confusion and inconvenience to all parties involved. At this point in time, we should be in negotiations over next year’s contract, not the current year!

The collective bargaining agreement recently ratified resulted in lowering the pay for committee attendance from lab rate to support rate and will likely have a negative impact on adjunct participation is shared governance. At an average support pay rate of $40 per hour, an adjunct who has to drive to COD from, say Palm Springs or farther, would spend half an hour on the road each way for a one-hour meeting, resulting in an effective pay rate of $10.00 per hour including travel time. Not even accounting for the cost of gas, we’re looking at less than minimum wage. We will have to wait and see, but I predict that adjunct participation in committee work will decline significantly. I have already heard from adjuncts who are no longer interested in committee participation due to the lower pay rate, and I, for one, will not drive to Palm Desert on a day when I am not teaching in order to earn less than minimum wage.