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Know the facts on #YesProp15. #WeAreCTA VP @teachergoldberg if there was a correlation between pricing and #Prop15, we would all be paying 1978 gas prices and Disney tickets. Prop15 makes big corporations pay their fair share. 🎤 drop. #PPIC Forum

I took action to advocate for my students and public education. During these unprecedented times and now, more than ever, teachers need time to teach. Join me: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/we-need-time-to-teach?source=twitter& #WeAreCTA

What anti-racism really means for educators ➡️ Anti-racist work in all schools is essential. It is the exercise of hope, the practice of undoing and dismantling systems of oppression, the practice of freedom and of truth-telling. #edjustice https://bit.ly/3kFlOyy @Tolerance_org

San Francisco Unified will receive $35,646,232 in estimated funding if Prop 15 passes. Find out how much your district or direct-funded charter school will receive using @WeAreCTA's #YesOn15 calculator! https://cta.org/scfcalculator

Check out how much your local school district is likely to receive in additional funding if #Prop15 is passed. Note that these funds come from fewer than 10% of CA companies being asked to start paying their fair share of property taxes. @WeAreCTA #YesOn15 https://www.cta.org/our-advocacy/scf/estimated-funding

New national survey by @UCLA finds: Public schools have responded heroically, playing a critical role in supporting students and sustaining communities threatened by the deadly virus and economic shutdown.

VERY important info on the folks opposing Prop. 15: Claiming to represent small shopkeepers and homeowners, opponents include North America’s largest freight railroad network, two New York real estate giants and one of Earth’s richest men. 🙄 #YesOn15


Vote for a future for all of us, not just a wealthy few.
Vote for racial justice.
Vote for schools and communities.
Vote #YesOn15.

Join us: https://www.prop15forthefuture.com/
#Vote #Election2020 #California
🎨: @\youngmer on IG for Million Voters Project Action Fund

Start your plan to vote by checking your voter registration status here! http://yes15.vote/check_status

Get out and vote this Nov 3rd, or vote by mail! See you at the polls! ✏️🗳️

#YesOn15 #Prop15

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